Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fight With The Road

Fought with the road and the road won. Went out for a 65 mile ride and 18.86 miles in, Grant and I got too close and the winds got the best of us.

Grant’s new gloves, shorts and jersy were torn as my bike padded our fall. In shock and numb, all I think about is the trip. How will I recover and will my bike be ok?

Worried that my wrist is broken, I wanted to get some peace of mind. My wrist is only sprained, confirmed by the ER doctor.

Bike damage is bad. Handlebars, wrap, gear covers, three spokes, and seat. I have a sprained wrist, road rash on knee, thigh, elbow, an ache body, and sore ego. I guess it could be worse. I am more upset about the miles I did not get in and the duration that it now takes to type.


  1. Ouch! Ditto to Ira's comment.

  2. You have time to recover. Remember the scars will make good cocktail conversation.

    Getter better