Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 1: Travel Day ABQ

My last night in San Antonio left me tired and dehydrated. Margarita was calling my name. After meeting with her, I meet with jack later on that night.

Today is a travel day so I will try to catch up with sleep on the plain. Or, maybe my excitement will supersede and keep me awake.

My total luggage is 19 pounds. Not bad for this girl. Once I get settled into my routine, I will figure out what I left out. One purchase I will like to get is the t-shirt in the town of Hooker that reads, “All my friends are hookers.” I have to find a cleaver way to roll in and stuff it in my jersey pocket for that days ride.

I am excited to meet my new riding friends and hope to be the welcoming committee at the hotel as they start arriving.

The map shows the distance that has been traveled and if you look close, the pink line shows the route we will be riding.

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