Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 9: 83 miles to Dodge City, KS

83 miles to the Dalton Gang Hideout, Boot Hill Museum, Can Can Show and Gun Fight.

Distance: 84.01
Total elevation: 1070
Calories: 4429
Average speed: 13.9
Time on bike: 6:01

He did it again. I don’t know why it still surprises me, but it my sleepiness I got on the bike and started pedaling yet again this morning. It was an awesome day with a breeze to push me to the hotel at 12:30. That was with a stop at the Dalton Museum at the half way point. My legs are not fast enough to keep up with the first ones in and with any cycling group I am in; I end up right in the middle.

The birds chirp me a love song.
The wheat fields wave to me as I pass.
The gravel winks at me.
Lil’ Lady purrs softly with each pedal stroke.
The cows and horses stop and stare.

Roy and I have become friends since day 1. He walks around like he owns the world and charms all in his path. He flashes a smile and before we have blinked, a car from the owner or relative of the hotel shows up to give us a ride. His philosophy is: just ask. You never know if you don’t ask.

That is so true with anything we want out of life.


  1. Wow! You update your blog almost as soon as you get to the hotel. Don't forget the "golden window" of thirty minutes after you stop exercising to replenish your glycogen levels. Grab some chocolate milk and then post to your blog.


  2. Barbie,

    I have seen everyone's posts and you most correct everyone. The real Dalton Gang is Harry, Karen, Alec and me.

  3. Great photo Barbie...brings back good memories of Kansas.

  4. Barbie,

    You're living the dream, girl.

    Enjoy the adventure!


  5. Rock on!!! Just catching up on your quest. Love your posts and will stay with you for the duration. Take care.