Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Perfect Afternoon

As I wait for departure, I find myself looking for the next big adventure. I am reminded of the open air and the freedom riding across America can bring. It is a feeling of freedom.

My bags are packed and my heart longs for the challenge of testing my limits. There is nothing left for me to do here at home and all I am left with is time. There is only time to ponder what is important to me with moments to take in and afternoons to waste.

Robert had me running around town with him showing houses. I feel asleep on the shaded porch. The sky was clear, the wind was soft, and the grass was delicately swaying in the wind.

The cyclist in me noticed the tree branches moving in the wind. It was a bit too windy for a bike ride. But does the weather actually matter. The day would be just as peaceful if there were rain. That baby’s smile would be just as bright with thunder rolling in the distance.

1 comment:

  1. Just a couple more days and all that anticipation will turn into reality - and how much fun is that? Days of nothing to think about except your two wheels and the adventure in front of you...Have a great trip. Bob