Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 2: ABQ to Santa Fe, NM

Distance: 66.21
Total elevation: 3968
Calories: 3440
Average speed: 10.9
Time on bike: 6:03

My apologies up front if my stories are short or cut off abruptly. A blinking light may catch my attention or like yesterday, the riders coming into the hotel grabbed my time.

Mom, Dad, and Robert are here with me until Sunday. I have to get some good luvin’ while they are here because after that I have to get my own water and carry my own bags after that.

Rich, from XC09 (the local in ABQ) came to the hotel, stayed for route rap, and took a group of us for dinner.

Darrell and I spent some time riding together but his 6 days of riding proved to me that I have some catching up to do. Overall, I feel strong. My knee is grumpy from fighting the hills but at least I can still walk.

I spent the first 20 miles catching my breath. In San Antonio, I am at 323 feet elevation. Starting in ABQ, it was 5000 feet elevation.

Tomorrow is a rest day and we plan to take Mom around Old Santa Fe for some shopping and sight seeing. For now, I must hydrate, stretch and rest.


  1. Barbie,

    A rest day already and after 1 day ?

    Last year our group went to a restaurant by the the name of Cowgirl BBQ (or something like that name). Peter R was a friend of the owner, Barry.

    505.982.2565 319 S. Guadalupe St Santa Fe, NM

  2. Barbie,

    You can do it. Tomorrow is a reasonable day followed by 2 hard days. But Visalia the goddess of wind is with us and will blow us in.

    Your fellow riders are always there for support.