Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It is so cliché but I feel better everyday. The first two days were the worst but I found that moving around kept my body from getting too stiff. Keeping the road rash moist with ointment seems to be the trick.

Taking Roxy for her walk yesterday and getting on my cruiser, gave me on the confidence I needed to hold on to the handle bars and feel the bumps on the road.

Sad that my bike will not be ready until Friday, all I can do is go out dancing and stay up late to watch Spurs playoff games. (I talk so big. I end up falling asleep by 9:30.)

Robert has been the best help. Saturday he helped get me dressed and undressed, he helped change my bandages, took me to get food, AND he did NOT laugh at the way I was eating with my left and only hand.

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