Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 7: 72 miles to Guymon, OK

The Fourth State Line Crossing, Oklahoma Panhandle. Two states in two days, it feels like we are making progress.

Distance: 71.9
Total elevation: 619
Calories: 3335
Average speed: 12.8
Time on bike: 5:36

Before going to bed last night, I looked in the mirror and saw a different person. True, physically I may become more fit but I am changing into a new person. I am going to be a new Barbie when I get to the end.

I am not sure how many miles to date I have pedaled and I am not really counting. I guess I could go back and count from the blog, but it’s easier on my brain to not know.

I miss home. Not the things that I thought I would miss but the people. The friends, family, and companions that make up my day. Reading all the comments make me so happy. They are inspiration and keep me motivated. I want to speak to each of you personally and thank you! You are so encouraging.

The game I play to keep my mind occupied is to think of a music artist that starts with each letter of the alphabet starting with the letter A. A: ABBA, B: Boy George, C: The Cars. Get it? I am stuck on letter X. Any suggestions?

Any one up for XC11? Next year, the plan is to ride from Champagne to Boston. I need some company out here!


  1. Hey, first one to post - you are doin' good!
    And your question...75 miles yesterday at 16 mph - I'm training for Champaign....

  2. Barbie,

    The name of a band in the 80's from LA was X. I am serious. That was the name of the band.


    XTC - OK, I'm Old.

    And Yes...I'm in for XC11.

  4. Your mind-game is better than Peter's, "name the counties of England!" I didn't get very far in that one either.