Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 4: 72 miles to Las Vegas

The highest point on tour: Glorieta Pass at 7570’ above sea level, Pecos Indian Ruins.

Distance: 72.70
Total elevation: 3637
Calories: 3605
Average speed: 11.8
Time on bike: 6:08

The thing about starting after the group has already been riding for 12 days is that most already have their friends to ride with. I rode 44 miles on my own. It wasn’t so bad but I kept thinking of every thing I could do to get me some music and regretted leaving my blackberry at home.

Thankfully, Greg rode up next to me and kept me company up the slow climb to the hotel.

My booty is kinda sore. Ya know like how it feels when you start the new riding season. The saddle is breaking me in where I should be breaking in the saddle.

My bike is doing me right. The handlebars and adjustments after the crash are good! (Thanks Ben and Ed!) It’s my left knee and toes that tingle once in a while. I changed out the specialized insert (only in my left shoe) and placed the standard insert in. At mile 20, I took the sole out and rode without a sole. My foot moved around too much so tomorrow, the insert will go back in.

I loved finishing at 1:30 because I had plenty of time to stop at Dairy Queen and already had my lunch. Ops, and there is my distraction…. Buckies Break!


  1. Glad we could he help Barbie! Good Luck and keep those legs movin!


  2. Too Bad you can't have a mobile Ride Away bike crew with you!