Monday, May 10, 2010

Almost That Time

Friday, I picked up my bike with a new wheel and handle bars. Saturday, Robert and I rode about 4 miles out before he broke a spoke. A whopping 9 miles total route, but that is all I could handle with the bum wrist. Sunday, I rode from my mother’s house to Robert’s mother’s house. A total of 14.96 miles, one way.

Today, I will box up my bike and ship it out to ABQ. Last minute changes to the handlebars are sorta freakin’ me out but at this point there is not much I can do. The road rash has healed up and my wrist only hurts when I move it in that certain way.

For the past few months, I have been getting my bills sorted out, purchasing travel size personal items, and I still have a list of things to be done before I leave. I leave in a week and a half and I still do not have pajamas. (I forgot them last year. Tracy did not have them on the packing list.)

As the riders depart from LA, I am so excited about what they will experience and hope that the attitude of the weather brings only fond memories.

This year I need a better way to remember my hotel room number, as it changes from day to day. Last year, I kept the key in the sleeve. The floors and hallways start looking the same. Any suggestions?


  1. Barbie,

    I hurt from wrist last year when I fell. Coincidentally, it was on the ride to Indio which the XC10 group is doing today. I bought an ace bandage that night and rode with it the rest of the trip and it really helped.

    Maybe if you stick the "Do not Disturb" sign on your door or put a string on your doorknob you can identify your room.

    I asked Mack to say hello to you and Darrell.

  2. Last year, George was leaving a coin on the floor just outside his door. I threatened to put coins next to all the doors, but never followed through. BTW, when the key card doesn't work, it's probably the one from the previous night's hotel that you forgot to turn in.

  3. Best wishes on your ride. Hope that you heal up in time. You might consider a wrist splint to wear after you finish riding to immobilize it. Have a great time!