Friday, April 30, 2010

Ten Days

Many thoughts and questions fill my head as I prepare to box up my bike in ten days. I keep asking myself what I have gotten myself into. Seriously? I am going to ride my bike from Albuquerque to Champaign, Illinois. 1372 miles! It seems unreal, impossible, and so unlike me. I question my physical strength and mental stability.

Often times, I do not see an athlete or as a cyclist. I only see a girl that likes adventure. I forget that there are few bathrooms on the road or places to go that require a dress code.

It seems strange that I wonder across America, on my bike, when I have a nice home and a family that I leave behind. My car will sit in the coolness of my garage, for 21 days, waiting for the sunroof to be opened and the radio to blare in the wind. Roxy will patiently wait my return and greet me as if I were never gone.

Two more long training rides and one short ride. Ten more days, and counting.


  1. Barbie,

    Once you are outside on your bike the overwhemling feeling of freedom takes over and that is a wonderful feeling. Even after a year I still feel it.

  2. From reading everyone's blog I believe you have already completed the worst part of the trek across Us. If you can ride those centuries across the desert, you can do any trip on a bike.
    Good luck - I know you will do well from all your determination and planning.