Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Attempt At Back To Backs

Friday started with a fifty mile bike ride. The headwind starting at mile 30 and my legs felts heavy starting at mile 25. It was over cast, no sun, and cold (65 degrees is cold for this Texas girl). It was brutal. I was tired and my knee started to irritate me.

Distance: 50.6
Total calories: 2682
Total time: 4:23
Average speed: 11.5
Total ascent: 2134

Saturday, I attempted another 50 mile ride. I drove, sin bike partner, to LBJ for the Pedal Power Wild Flower Ride. I saw all the riders with their cycling friends. I hated that I was there alone. I picked up my packet and drove back home with the intensions of riding a local ride.

By the time I returned to San Antonio, I was tired grumpy and didn’t feel like riding. I believe my body just needed a break. When I reached my house I was on the verge of tears. I was really fatigued.

Needless to say… I rode one day not two. But, I gave my body a much needed break.

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