Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Hill Country Ride, 2010

Distance: 85.6
Calories: Unknown
Time: Unknown
Average Speed: Unknown
Total Ascent: 5700

Excited about my new closet, I place my handlebar bag in its new home and forgot to take it on my ride. No camera, no blackberry, and no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

At mile 50, I wished I had my sandwiches. The rest stops only had oranges, bananas, and chocolate chip cookies. Mile 55 through the end we found headwind and hills. It was a slow ride in but I finished. I am proud of myself for not crying and not SAGing in.

Some memorable moments that I would have taken a picture of include lama, sheep, goat, horses, and cows. The street named “Barbara Ann”. Grant’s battle scars from the mishap with the gravel. Funky tan lines from biker shorts and bike gloves. Fields of wild flowers and bluebonnets.

My estimate is that there were about 20 cattle guards that we crossed, if not more. I stopped counting after 10. Within the first 10 miles, I ate the bug that flew into my mount after getting stuck to my lips.

The route was well marked. I called out the directions and Grant used his Garmin to follow the miles. My Garmin is still missing. How can I find myself if I can not find my Garmin to tell me where I am at?

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