Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fredericksburg Weekend Ride, 2010

Some folks from the ECT gathered for a weekend of riding. We stayed at the cutest little bungalow equipped with a kitchen, pool, and hot tub. There were about 13 riders and 3 significant others.

Friday ride
Distance: 58.85
Calories: 2975
Time: 4:49
Average Speed: 12.2
Total Ascent: 2548

It seems like so long ago. I believe there were about eight of us riding. Robert and I were going to ride the 36 mile route. 6 miles in, he broke 2 spokes. I rode to the car, picked him up and he drove me to the rest of the group and I finished the ride with the gang.

Saturday ride
Distance: about 92
Calories: Unknown
Time: Unknown
Average Speed: Unknown
Total Ascent: about 6274.9
Wind: 20 mph

there were 12 rides that braved the massive head wind and CAT1 and CAT2 climbs. Robert and Paul, Kim’s husband followed us. The guys were awesome! They had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bars, oranges, and drinks.

The wind was massive! My knees were hurting after pounding through the wind. It was a hard and slow 45 mile ride back. R wanted me to get in the car but I wanted to finish and get my miles. It wasn’t pretty, but I finished.

Sunday ride
Distance: 26.78
Calories: 1252
Time: 2:10
Average Speed: 12.3
Total Ascent: 1362

Kim and I rode an out and back to keep the legs loose. I wasn’t sure if I could ride because my knees were sore. The night before I woke every hour to shake my legs to make sure they were in working order.

Friday, I was able to take a few pictures before I fell on the camera and broke the lens. Some memorable moments include:
• the calf that I spooked and ran to his mom
• The lama at the bungalow
• The watering hole/pool

This weekend proved to be a great training opportunity. I feel ready to start back in ABQ to start the next leg of America.

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