Sunday, January 31, 2010


Done proud of myself. Four weeks of bike riding and I have been consistent with my training. Well, except for the knee. My bum knee started up again because I had this great idea to work out harder on the weights. Thursday, I woke up with too much pain in the knee to actually ride. Ended up stretching and icing, but it didn’t really help.

There were some ladies at the gym talking about this new rapid recovery treatment, the name is: AIRROSITI. I wish I could tell you what the name stands for but it appears like there is no official definition included in the many papers they handed me. My description is it is like a deep tissue massage but 50% more deep. The concept is that it gets the kinks out of the muscle and relieves pain. Basically, it hurts a lot. I’m talkin’ bout lots of hurt while they do the treatment.

So far, so good. I spent the weekend doing what I normally do. My knee doesn’t hurt but my hammie is sore from the pressure. I will test it out through the week but my expectations are high and expect to be back normal real soon. Well, “normal” I will never be but I hope to get close to it.

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