Tuesday, January 26, 2010


These days I seem to be in slump with my blog posts and the subject of each post. Leigh, my friend over at Leigh vs. Laundry, introduced me to a new world of blogging. These ladies and gentlemen are true writers and left me feeling inadequate. My life does not seem exciting or maybe it is my writing that does not articulate my world in an interesting or comical fashion.

It might be that things are going well with nothing new to report.

Last week, I told my Mom that things were going wonderfully that I afraid something bad was going to happen. It is the way of life. For every positive there is a negative. Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT want anything bad to happen but things are going so smooth that it is almost unbelievable.

Training is on progress. This is the fourth week of 5AM bike rids on my trainer. Roxy started waking up with me and lies next to me or stands next to me as if she is coaching me. There are days when I am too tired to make myself dinner or drive myself to pick something up. I end up not eating or eating poorly. Luckily for chocolate milk, I can recover quickly.

They say that practice makes perfect. So, I continue to practice blogging, building relationships, and getting my miles.

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  1. Oh no...don't feel inadequate. You have your own voice. The days that nothing new is happening to me, I write about something from my past.

    I love your Blog and keeping up with you through it. Push on...push through the writer's block and you never know what kind of writer will emerge!

    I'm glad that you've discovered some great Blogs through me. I thought that I saw a comment from you on Speaking From the Crib. I love that Blog.

    Welcome to Blogville!