Friday, January 29, 2010


My oldest and only nephew Michael moved back in with him mother. He spent his high school years living with his father. He needed that, especially during those days where a father figure is needed most as a role model. These days, Mike is in college.

His mother, my sister Angela, lives next door to me. Lucky me (and I do not type that with sarcasm) I get to see Mike and my nieces most days.

Yesterday was no different. Expecting just Mike to come over to use my internet connection, he brought the girls too.

It was sudden madness.

Roxy was barking. When Kris wasn’t sitting reading a book, she was balancing delicately on my whicker chest. She walked around proudly in her cheerleading shorts three hours before gymnastics practice. After Alexis and I finished her math homework, she started riding my bike. (I keep it sitting on the trainer in the kitchen.) Then both the girls were riding my bike at the same time. Kris laid her belly on the bike seat and was flying.

Yeah, I want to be the “cool Aunt” but I had to draw the line. That’s my bike and I do not want it damaged or them in the emergency room. How would I explain that to their mom? Part of me wanted to take a picture of them but the rational side of me thought that I should not encourage their behavior.

As quickly as the madness started, it was swept away as they run out my front door.

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