Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sin City

We are off to Sin City… I will be taking my new netbook to stay connected to my internet friends but hopefully I will be enjoying my vacation too much to post updates until next week.

I am proud to say that my training has rolled over into this week and I will have three days of forty-five minute trainer workouts. Of course I won’t exercise while on vacation. This is a real vacation. No riding or hiking on this trip. I am not even going to pack workout cloths.

Thanks for the message, Edward. Let’s not let the cat out of the bag on mountain biking- to Robert that is. According to the guys at the shop, his cross trail has just enough to accept a mountain biking challenge if one is thrown his way. (Robert doesn’t really keep up with the blog so it is safe to post this. Unless of course, I e-mail him a post that I want him to read.)

Right now I don’t get many posted comments but I know you’re still out there reading because I do get messages or verbal comments. I love that so I keep posting.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog frequently, along with Bob's, Ira's and of course I follow the daily activities of Lance. Australia is where I would like to be vacationing right now. The Down Under tour is coming in a matter of days and the first tennis Grand Slam of the season is also.