Friday, January 8, 2010

Bike Talk

Over the past couple of months, Robert has been talking about getting a mountain bike. I was thinking, how the heck is he going to squeeze into his hectic schedule time for mountain biking. As it is, he juggles racquetball, scooter rides, rode rides and nights out dancing. Where was he going to find the time?

Saturday, he went to the Ride Away bike shop without me. A late night tracking down a broken hearted drunk friend kept us up until 3AM. (That’s a blog for another time.) Needless to say, mistake number one was sending him to the shop with his buddy. Robert said the shop guys were asking for me. It was kinda weird for Robert to go to the shop without me but this girl needed some Z’s.

It wasn’t until Sunday that Robert and I had the bike talk. Yes, I had told him all this stuff before but he didn’t hear me until after he already ordered the mountain bike. It came up because he was asking about the difference between mountain bike shorts, shoes, and helmets. It occurred to me that Robert likes the look of the mountain bike but didn’t want to take up mountain biking. He wants more of a hybrid bike to ride in the street but can also do trails if he so chooses.

It was funny to go back to the bike shop. The first thing out of Edwards’s mouth was, “usually it is the girl who doesn’t know what kind of bike they want.” It was fun knowing more about a bike then a boy. Maybe Robert needed to hear everything I had already told him from the bike mechanics. But really, Edward let me say everything that Edward was going to say anyway. Robert finally understood. We cancelled the mountain bike order and order him a hybrid or “cross trail” bike.

It is fun riding my cruiser around with Roxy and now it will be easy for Robert to join us. The big question is where we are going to store all the bikes.

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