Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Competitor In Me

As with each self identifying story begins, I was drinking one night in a bar with my girlfriend Dee Dee. This particular evening, we recklessly drove from San Antonio to Rock Port to stay at her folk’s place. The family home is conveniently located across the street and walking distance from Alice Fay’s. With hopes of going fishing, we ended up at Alice Fay’s, the local bar and boat dock is town. It is where all the locals hang out.

And as the story goes… we were drinking too much and we meet a couple guys that invited us to play skeet. I had never played the game before but suddenly was VERY into the game. I started hoppin’, hollerin’ and cursing like a sailor. People said they could hear yelling me from inside the restroom.

Dee Dee kind of stood back with a surprised look on her face. I think she was as surprised as me. I had never seen this side of myself.

Bike riding has made me very competitive. It is so odd since riding is an individual sport. It turns out that I was pushing myself to stay with the pack and not get dropped. All those rides when I was trying to beat my own time my own PB (personal best); the competitor in me began to emerge

It is a game that I play with my self. I have to pull the best out of myself; no one else can do it. It is the worst feeling to get dropped but if you stay in the front and not walk around like a zombie the rest of the day, then you know it was an awesome ride and you won.

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