Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vegas Babe!

Next week Robert and I will be heading over to Las Vegas, Sin City. Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Expect for herpes, that shit stays with you forever. (Quote from the movie, The Hangover.)

This is his trip. I do bike trips, he does gambling trips. I am not a gambler so I hangout at the bar.

In anticipation of looking my best at all the fancy casinos, I am going to pack my A game. I am planning on taking 8 pairs of shoes for the 4 days that we will be gone. All my “going out” cloths are coming with me along with my micro mini. If Robert hits it big I may end up coming home with 2 more pairs of shoes. I am dying for Jimmy Choo and Manolos. You can’t take the girl out of this biker chick.

The problem is I need a large luggage bag. My hot rollers won’t fit in the smaller luggage bag with all my shoes. I called my mom to borrow hers and this is how the conversation went…

Me: Mom, can I borrow the large luggage bag for the Vegas trip? But, I need the large one because I am taking all my shoes, cloths, and hot rollers.

Mom: Sure. What are you going to do while Roberts gambling?

Me: Hang out at the bar.

Mom: Like you did on the cruise? You got to know that piano player well. You hung out with him all night.

Me: Yeah. In Canada, there was a live band at the bar. That worked out good. I listened to the band while Robert played poker.

Mom: That’s good. The casinos always have entertainment for the guests. Just stay at that bar that is in the casino where Robert is.

Me: We are going to be on the Old strip. There shouldn’t be too much going on.

Mom: But still, stay in the same bar of the casino where Robert is. Don’t go wondering off. If something happens to you, it will be easier to find Robert if your in the same casino.

Me: Ok mom. I guess I will be over early on Tuesday to pick up the luggage. Thanks.

You heard it folks. She said it twice. “Stay at the bar”. That there is some good advice, straight from my mama. Just stay at the bar.

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