Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hot Pink

There is a five year old girls hiding and living inside me. It became evident to me yesterday while I was at the gym.

The first clue was the hot pink sports tape that wrapped the back of my leg from my butt to my calf. (If you watched the summer Olympics, the women’s volleyball champs made this tape popular). I asked for black, but they were all out.

Maybe it was the pink barrette that I snapped in my hair to keep bangs out of my face. I have black, brown, and blue but the pink one, that is the one I use at the gym. The gym here at work provides us blue shirts and blue shorts. I keep the pink barrette to add some color to my work out cloths. That and my colorful cycling socks.

So, I am there in yoga sporting my pink sports tape and pink barrette. And I look at my toes. Guess what? Hot pink nail polish on my toes. I was covered in pink. Then, get this. At work, I was wearing a pink shirt and pink earrings. My only conclusion is, inside me, the sole of a school girl is lurking and expressing her with the color pink.

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  1. Actually I like pink even more as I get older - goes better with my gray. And isn't it a leader's color in the Giro and part of cancer awreness support and ...