Thursday, February 4, 2010

Compost Box

When my neighborhood started a recycle program I was leery. Now that I started recycling , I can not stop. I want to be nice to mother earth and give her back all she gives to me.

There is a problem. My stinky garbage can. Most of the garbage is getting recycled and my scrap food is getting thrown away thus sitting in my trash can for weeks at a time.

My idea was to start a compost box. This was working oaky in the garage until I started noticing nats in my house. I left the top off the compost box because air helps aid in the decomposition of the compost.

To solve the nat problem, I move the box outside. The moist from the morning dew and air exposure was helping. I was proud of my efforts especially when I noticed that I was not able to identify any of the compost in the pile.

I went out to toss the egg shells and scrap food in the compost box when I noticed Roxy heading straight for my box. Before I finished with the breakfast dishes, Roxy was covered with dirt on her beard and paws.


It turns out that Roxy has been consuming my compost. This whole time I was so proud of myself when in actuality, Roxy has been regenerating the compost into my back yard. Now, she helps speed up the process quicker than my compost box can do.

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