Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Dancer In Me

Rob and I had a heated conversation about our dancing styles. My preference is country and swing while his preference is salsa. When he wants me to move a certain way, he strong arms me and forces a turn or spin.

Often times, I wake from a night of dancing with a sore right arm and hurting calf muscles. Sometimes the pain is worse from dancing than it is from bike riding. Oh wait, that’s called a hang over.

Rob tries to get me to dance a certain way or get rid of my swing steps but I fight it. I move my own way with my own flair. He says we are off and that our dancing styles don’t look the same when we dance. What can I say? I have a blended style of dance from the different styles of dance that I have done over the years.

At any given time, I can get in Rob’s car and he listens to salsa music all day. It is one of the luxuries of satellite radio. Me on the other hand enjoy and listen to country music. I find myself two stepping round the office and imagine myself spinning around the circle dance floor at Midnight Rodeo. I maybe off step or off queue but in my mind, I am the best dancer in the world.

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