Monday, February 15, 2010

Santa Fe

This past weekend, R and I went to New Mexico for some skiing. This was the second time R went skiing and he has decided he will never ski again. Me, well… I loved it and skied my first black diamond.

Once at the top of the mountain, 12,000 feet elevation, the view is spectacular. I didn’t want to ski down. I stayed up there for as long as possible to just admire the beauty. While others were speeding past me, I would stop to look around. Quite and crisp, it was breath taking.

We flew into ABQ and drove to Santa Fe where we meet up with my friend Rich. Rich and I meet on the bike ride and he was working ski patrol. We didn’t get to visit much because he was busy working on maintaining his paramedic’s license. We caught up on the lift then we separated when he raced off to assist someone who had fallen off the lift.

The entire time we were in Santa Fe, I was trying to scope out the joint to see what places I want to go back and visit. My bike trip will start in ABQ and the first ride is to Santa Fe with a rest day. It is just around the corner.

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