Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Mom and I have been attending Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) since October. This month, we invited my sister to join. To my surprise, Angela accepted the invitation and also enrolled Kris and Alexis to join the children’s program.

Tuesday evenings, I pick up mom and then we carpool to BSF. Yesterday my car was full and it was fun to have my family talking back to me instead of Roxy just wagging her tail.

We were running a little late due to the funeral that was occurring in the back yard. Sadly, Kris’s gerbil died and she insisted in a service. Michael helped her with the digging and Kris placed a rock over the hole. When there is more time she plans to decorate the rock with his name “Georgie”.

I like my black car with the sleek black leather. I keep my car like new. After two years, it even smells new. I felt my shoulders cringe when my sister said, “Barb, I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to eat in your car.”

It was too late to say never mind, you drive. The girls where in motion with their paper and pencils. All I could say was “Don’t forget the napkins.”

The trip ended with Kris asleep on Alexis’s shoulder. No spills or stains to report but there is a lost pencil somewhere between the seat and the floor. Sweat moments like this make me cherish these Tuesday night carpool rides.

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