Monday, February 22, 2010

The American Cordillera

There is no hiding my love for bike riding. My CrossRoads “award” for completing the Desert Southwest Tour hangs proudly in my cubicle. A map of this years map is posted next to my calendar. It is to remind of why I come to work. I work to pay for bike trips and bike gadgets.

My bike sits in my kitchen. My life revolves around training rides. Even while out dancing, I make sure I drink enough water to ensure I am hydrating enough for the next days ride. And food….I eat and then keep eating. I want food all of the time.

Well, this post was not supposed to be about me.

My co-worker brought this website to my attention. Three guys rode their mountain bike 19,500 miles from Alaska to Argentina. It took them 3.5 years.

There is a name for the “sequence of mountain ranges” that starts in Alaska and runs all the way to Argentina. It is the American Cordillera. I have attached their websites if you would like to check them out.

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