Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Love makes us do strange things. Love made me stay with my ex-husband for nine years. Love made me stay with my jealous ex-boyfriend for much longer than I should have.

Not to long ago, a friend P was in a fight with his wife. Only six months wed, their fights were getting more serious but this time she took off out of town. I could see the hurt in his eyes. Boy, I knew the pain. I had been there. P did what any heartbroken person would do. He went to the bar.

Robert and I shared a few drinks with P then Rob and I went off for some dancing. When we left P, he was in good hands and good friends. After dancing, it was pretty late. Ok, true confessions; it was one-thirty in the morning. Hey the good bands only play from 10:30 until 1:30.

Robert had a text message saying, “Come pick me up.” The problem was P was the too drunk to communicate with. We couldn’t understand where P was or where to go. P was talking about not wanting to live any more and we were worried.

It took us about fifty phone calls, fifty text messages, and an hour and a half to track P down until we finally found him. Once in the security of a quite car and good friends, he broke down. I don’t recall ever seeing some cry so sincerely over love. True pain was in those tears. There is no way I would ever mock him because I have been there. At one time we have all been there.

This day was a reminder to me of what we do for love. Our past relationships make us who we are today and turn us into who we can be for new relationships. It is said best in the movie Moulin Rouge: The greatest lesson we can learn is to love and be loved in return.

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