Tuesday, February 16, 2010


On my mother’s fifteenth birthday (we Hispanics call it a quinceanera); she wore her tiara for the first time. I believe she also wore it in her wedding.

At my wedding, I wore my mother’s tiara. All this time, I have had it packed away in my dresser. Every once in a while, I put it on while I hang around my house. It has been a while since I have un-wrapped the tissue that holds it.

The time has come when I have to pass it on.

The next time it will be worn is at my niece Alexis’s quinceanera, September 11 of this year.

The big party is a while away but my sister is already going crazy planning the event. I am sad to hear that my sister plans to re-due the stones and place lavender stones where the clear stones sit. Mom said it was okay.

I say, “Leave it alone”!

My words go to deaf ears.

Part of me wanted to, one day, wear it again. But on the other hand, I think I would need something new as to not tarnish my next, and hopefully last, wedding.

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