Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday’s Ride

Before the ride, I carefully changed out the back trainer tire to road slicks. It took me fifteen minutes, but I did. All by myself.

Distance: 32.35
Calories: 1560
Time: 2:59
Average Speed: 10.8
Total Ascent: 1898

Why, oh why did I let Grant pick the route? It was the hilliest route possible and a difficult ride with the bum knee. My left leg is noticeably weaker than my right. My focus was evening my pedal stroke so that the weight distribution would be even.

At the half way point, we stopped at Starbuck for some hot coco with whip cream. That is were I ate a Payday candy bar to refuel. It is quite lovely putting in miles so that I can eat whatever I want. And a guiltless burger and fries for dinner. Yummy!

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