Saturday, May 30, 2009

On the road again…

My bike arrived at the bike shop on Thursday. Turns out I wore the bracket down with all the mileage and it needed replacing, not just from the trip but the training and commuting miles did its toll. A good once over and clean-up and I was back on the rode.

I went for a 40 mile ride Saturday morning on my familiar streets. I started to yell, “GRAVEL” but then remembered that I was alone. There was no need. Took a bite of my favorite energy food, Cliff Bar Banana Nut flavor, chewed twice then spit it out. Turns out after two weeks of eating Cliff Bars, I don’t like then any more. Noticed that the back roads I ride on are now becoming more popular with cars and more houses are being built. We bikers are being pushed away, off the roads.

Hit 471 and became aware of the lack of shoulder. Where did the shoulder go? How come it took me this long to notice the middle lane chocked the shoulder down to nothing? Didn’t feel comfortable alone on a road with no shoulder, turned around, and lost 4 miles.

Since I didn’t have any food on me, I stopped in a corner store. The couple asked me if I needed ice. How nice is that? They even motioned to a table in the back of the store where I could eat. “No thanks, I like the air out side” I replied. By that time, the Texas heat had not quite kicked in but this Texas girl knows that the smart thing to do is eat quickly and get back in the saddle.

Surprisingly, my bottom was like a glove back in the saddle and my legs moved smooth. Fast in some places, slower in others, and yes still fighting the hills. I am working up the courage to start my commutes to work. It’s the ride home on Huebner Road that scares me. Yikes, crossing 3 lanes of 5 o’clock traffic is not fun. Maybe some conversations and a new route will get me back in gear.

Mom update: Today, Mom is well and even out visiting estate sales. Most days she naps a lot. Still waiting for the call. God is good.

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  1. I have an alternate route I take that has a lot less interaction with traffic. It DOES have a big hill right at the start but if you get sick of dealing with Huebner, you might give this a shot: