Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 4 and Day 5: Living The Dream

Day 4: Finished the day covered with snot, bug guts, and sweat in my eyes. I counted 20 bugs that hit me. I felt GREAT and even lead the guys up a 7 mile climb. Finished the day strong. Crossed into Arizona. Climbed 3900 feet. Rode 115 miles.

But all things come to an end. After two days of riding back to back centuries, my body was hurting. My dirty socks were stinking up my room so I had to do laundry and lost some valuable recovery time. No time to blog. By bed time I was doubting myself and visited with a fellow rider. This is pretty common since we are really putting a toll on our bodies. Got through the night.

Day 5: Breakfast motivates me. When I question myself, I look at the others riding with me. A total of 25 people including the three of us girls. They can ride through the pains and so can I! Every morning I ask God to give me what I need to make it through the day. He always does.

Climbed up to 6100 feet elevation. Only 59 miles but through a mountain pass. There is lots of "bootie talk". Turns out that after all the miles, the saddle really starts to hurt. All the guys are really complaining. The ladies don't have those kinds of pains.

Thank you for reading my blog and following me. All of your messages keep me pedaling. One pedal stroke at a time. Don't worry we stay together and have lots of support.

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  1. There is a God and he's watching over you! I'm impressed and jealous of the adventure you are on. Keep Going!