Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 9

For the most part, I felt strong today. My legs were heavy and they wouldn't get me going. Rode most of the way at my own pace but then the last 20 miles rode in with a group. I call it the "Hottie" group. The leader is always Harry, but with his thick British accent it sounds like he is saying Hottie when he introduces himself.

Still riding on the highway. Its like playing dodge ball on the bike to avoid all the debris. It keeps me alert. Who knew that car tires would be so destructive to a bike tire? They have wires that really stick out and cause lots of holes. Crossed into New Mexico. Yea, another state down. Ridin' on!


  1. Got to be tough with the ride winding down for you. You will need to keep up the riding when you get back home. I am sure it certainly won't be the same. If you are back on Sunday you can always do the 60 miler to Fredericksburg with us. carpe diem!

  2. What great pictures you've been posting. I'm sure they don't even begin to represent the memories you are making! Keep the rubber side down :)

  3. So proud of you and what you are accomplishing. We are all envious that you are living the dream. Look forward to riding with you (and drafting behind you now that you are super biker chick) when you return.