Tuesday, May 5, 2009


When I arrived home yesterday, I had a realization that I am REALLY going to miss my dog Roxy. I sat down on my living room floor and shed a few tears. Is it possible to miss her even before I am even gone?

Roxy is a two year old long hair Jack Russell terrier. I named her Roxy because she is so foxy. She is my baby girl. If she were a kid, she would be my toddler. Roxy don’t do that. Roxy get over here. Roxy get that out of your mouth. Roxy get down from there. If it’s not the short commands that I holler at her, then it’s my house with her toys spread everywhere that reminds me she is around.

We do everything together. We sleep next to each other, eat at the same time, and watch TV together. When I am at the computer she is sitting on my lap. When I go to the restroom, she waits for me. She is my shadow.

I am sure gonna miss the way she greats me everyday like she hasn’t seen me for a month worth of Sundays! I am gonna miss not being able to sleep in on the weekends because she is standing over me with her squeaky ball. I am gonna miss her nibbles on my nose and our evening walks. Even though I get annoyed when she barks at the door when she is ready for her walk or when she pulls the covers off of me when she is ready for me to get up, I will miss my girl! (Big gulp as I swallow the tears.)

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