Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 3

Forgot to mention the 1.6 mile stretch from yesterday when we were on the highway. We also had to cross a section where 18 wheelers were crossing us to weigh in. I looked down and we were riding at 28 MPH. When we exited, we all had to stop and take a moment. That was crazy. Maurice, you would have loved the excitment. 10 times more exciting than crossing Huebner on the way home.

Today, it was hot. The desert for 100 miles. How does that quote go? There is a fine line between hobbie and insanity. Today, we crossed the line. The day started with a 11 mile climb. Hogue knows that I don't stand on the hills back home but today I was standing. It was more of a "bootie break". Rode with Bob and Tom up the climb (I am a follower of their blog). To pass the time, we were seeing how many honks we could get from the 18 wheelers. Seems silly, but it worked.

Not shy anymore. When you gotta go, you gatta go. The guys have been polite about turning the other way (ya know there are mirrors on their helments). But in the desert there is not many places to go behind. The car door worked once, but the onlookers probably got a peak. Today, I let the guys pass and went on the side of the road behind the rail.

260 miles of riding and my body is really starting to hurt. Any part of my body that is not covered, has a tan. The top part of my fingers, the area from my socks to the bottom of my leg warmers, and the 1 inch area of my glove area to the bottom of my arm warmers.

Tomorrow is 115 miles. Yikes! Off to rest, recover, and hydrate.


  1. Wow, 115 miles in the desert...you go Barbie! Keep it up, we're all behind you back home. Go, Biker Chick, Go!