Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 8

Today was a century ride by most standards. 96 miles and I felt strong. It has taken a week to get used to what my body needs. My secret is: eat when I don't want to eat and gulp not sip.

The first 45 miles went by in 2:15. The last miles were with headwinds. My guess is the gusts hit 30-35 MPH winds. The trip took about 6 hours. Rode with Mark, Chris and Willie. Lost my riding partner Darryl. Happy Monday to you as you return back to work.

Yesterday was a rest day. It was nice to lay around, eat, watch TV, nap and read a book. I don't even do that back at home. I had some catching up to do with those reality shows on VH1.

While eating with two other riders it hit me. We are all here to find an answer, a resolve, or even healing. Mile by mile we get what we need. With each pedal stroke we clear our minds and each of us get closer to whatever it is we search for. The miles roll by and I look into my sole. For me, it was "cool" to say, " I want to ride my bike across America". It never occurred to me the pressure I would endure or the pain I would put my body through.

Looks like I only have three days left. 626 miles down with 226 miles left and one more state line to cross. I don't want to leave. This group is amazing. We are all strong or we wouldn't be here. You can't train for this, you train while you are here. I don' want to loose the strenght that I have gained. I want to keep riding.

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