Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 10

Today, we crossed the continental divide and rode mostly on route 66. It was a remarkable day. As the tour is coming to an end, I find myself riding slower so that I can take all the miles and memories in. Have I really ridden this far? I have pushed my body to a new limit where I can't imagine looking back. Yes, I will continue to ride my bike when I return home.

I noticed that I like to ride in the front of the group. Sometimes I get pushed up but I actually prefer it. (Why am I posting this for others to later use against me?) But I can see better, set the pace, and maneuver around the debris on the road. It was a good ride its always a good ride when your on the road. Caught some rain the last 5 miles in. Stopped for Dairy Queen for lunch. Dreading my last tour ride tomorrow.
As much as I love to ride, I miss being a girl. So much so that I already have a hair appointment for Saturday. If you were to notice my feet, my toes are still polished.

My bike will get mailed back to me and don't expect to get back out on the road until the shop ensures all working parts, guessing that will be 5-10 days out. Until we meet back on the road in SA...

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  1. Yeah! Dairy Queen forever! This month's special: the Banana Cream Pie Blizzard. A great source of potassium! You're doing awesome Barbie! You're making this cross-country thing look too easy. Almost finished, but I bet you wish you could keep on going. Don't worry, there is always next year...