Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Friday

Yesterday was First Friday. For those of you who are not from around these parts, it is a street party in downtown San Antonio that happens on the first Friday of EVERY month. There are street vendors, art, music, and drinking. A pub run is an event on the first Friday of every month where runners meet at a bar, stop at about 5 bars along the way and run a total of about 4 miles. In January I did the pub run and it was a blast! I never thought I would say this but, it will be the only running I will ever do again.

Aside from riding, another favorite hobby of mine is dancing. Azuka is a restaurant featured during first Friday and we frequent there to get some good salsa dancing in. I thought it appropriate to celebrate my trip and indulge a little since after all I go to bed early most Friday nights to prepare for training rides early on Saturday mornings.

Less than a week away from my departure and my excitement is growing. My office has bike equipment piled in open spaces and I am slowly checking off my packing list while reminding me to keep it light and use travel size everything.

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