Thursday, April 30, 2009

Box It Up

Yesterday evening, I boxed up my bike and mailed it off to Mariposa. My hope is that my bike will be waiting for me when I arrive there next Friday. I am already going through separation anxiety as I watched “my baby” get packed.

Before even walking my bike into the shop, I walked in with chocolate chip cookies to entice the mechanics into some one-on-one time with my bike. After 7 years of bike riding, I still can’t believe that I have never changed a flat tire! Until last night, I didn’t even know how to take the back tire off of my bike. I am so embarrassed to admit this, but it’s the truth.

After some practice time I informed the mechanics that I have to be able to change a flat in two minutes. That is when the challenge among the mechanics began. Ryan, the winner of the challenge (the mechanic that boxed up my bike) completed the task in 1:20. Aaron had two times 1:40 and 1:39, the second with a manual pump. One day I will also be the fast at changing a flat tire.

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