Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not So Patiently Waiting

At the beginning of April, my mother was officially placed on the nation liver transplant list. Though she is not on the top 25 at this time, we know that when the time comes, she is on the list. Every day is a waiting game. We have to sit back and wait for her name to come up.

The first weeks of March, Mom spent 2.5 weeks in the hospital. Those weeks were so hard juggling work, training rides, hospital visits and a hyper active Jack Russell Terrier. Seeing my mom so sick and thinking that she may not make it out was difficult to digest. Today is see her and can’t believe she is at home almost like nothing is ailing her. She even suggested that maybe she has gotten better. We know that this is impossible. She will only be healed with a new liver.

Unfortunately, the doctors say that she will get worse before she gets better. The doctors informed us that we should expect 2 or 3 more hospital visits just like this past one before her transplant will occur. Everyday is a fight. A fight to stay positive, healthy, and with a desire to get better.

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