Tuesday, April 28, 2009

With Clenched Teeth

As the departure date draws closer I am so anxious and stressed! My teeth are grinding and clenched. My stomach is in knots. Did I train enough? Did I get enough miles in? Did I do enough hill work? What about my new tires? Did I get enough test miles on them? Is it really possible to fit all my gear into just 2, 30 pound bags each? What about my big sexy hair spray and my CHI hair straighter? (Totally kidding! Sorta.)

I am so excited, it seems like forever away. Really, its 12 days until I start pedaling but I will be with out my bikes for about 10 days. This week I will pack up my bike and mail it to Los Angeles to wait my arrival. 12 days feels like a life time when I am so used to riding if not every day, every other day.

What is there left to do? Eat! It’s crazy how much I eat and can’t believe I have lost 10 pounds since the beginning of my training. I guess all I can do know is rest and fuel up. Who knows, I may even indulge with a night out drinkin’ and dancin’ in celebration of the days to come.

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