Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sad day

Its raining here in SA. Maybe it is God crying and telling me to go back to the road. No one could prepare me for the emptiness that I would feel when getting back home. Being on my bike was so freeing. There were no decisions to be made just riding my bike all day long. Even the simplest choices of what to eat have become difficult.

My world has become slow. I found myself driving in the slow lane on the high way. Do I still remember how to drive a car? Before the ride I was always busy. Doing what, I do not know.

Crossroads made everything so easy. You either walk or ride your bike were you want to go. You go to one place to eat, you get to your room and your things are there. I did appreciate being able to use my washer and dryer at any time I choose to versus just using the wash and laying my cloths out to dry in my hotel room.

Roxy will not leave my side. Its nice to have my partner back, my shadow. A short trip to the doggie park and a bath and we are back in business. Can't wait until I get my bike back and get back on the road.

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