Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The phrases, “spinning” or “out riding” are some of the common phrases I use. While at spin class, a co-worker cropped this picture for me. Barbie is always out “spinning” or at least it’s Brisson’s interpretation. The picture makes me laugh and thought it is worth posting.

At the beginning of the year, I wasn’t quite sure if I would continue riding once I returned from my trip. After 852 miles plus the 1200 training miles for the year, I thought I would get burned out. Upon returning, it is pretty clear to me that I want to keep riding and I don’t want to loose the fitness level that I have reached. This weekend I put in 90 miles and starting commuting to work on Tuesday.

Commuting to work takes a little bit of coordination, but to me, it is worth the weekly miles. From my house, I drive 7 miles to my parent’s house or to Bill’s house which is in my parent’s neighborhood. The ride in is at 6AM with a distance of 9 miles. We get to work with enough time to shower, clean up, and be at our desks at 7AM. The ride home is 11 miles. We have to change the route home because of traffic.

Usually, I always ride with at least one other person or more for the simple fact that there is safety in numbers. There is a stretch of Huebner Road that gets busy and makes it difficult to cross 3 lanes of traffic to turn left. Today, I was bummed that it rained over night so my fellow commuters cancelled the ride. It’s also forecasted to rain this afternoon. Hopefully things will clear up for tomorrow.

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  1. Great to see you commuting again. We picked up some new bicycle commuters during the Bike To Work Week incentive. Very cool. Ride safe!