Saturday, June 13, 2009


It’s Saturday morning, six thirty in the morning. The numbness of my right arm wakes me. When I turn over, I realize Roxy had fallen asleep on my arm. I have thirty more minutes to sleep and to move as little as possible for I know that if I move around Roxy will immediately start licking me face. The alarm clock is set to go off at seven. It’s rare that I have to work on Saturday mornings but it happens occasionally. Normally, I would be awake already preparing for a morning bike ride but it’s off to work.

The hustle and bustle of work is forcing itself upon me. I keep trying to push it off by remember the relaxing feel of those two weeks of vacation. But it’s those memories that make me dread the daily routine. My body is tired from the bike miles from the week, work, chores, and family. It is sleep that I need. I get grumpy when I don’t get enough sleep. Roxy has been kind to me and even gave me uninterrupted nap time when I returned home.

Like any other June month, it’s always a busy time for my family. Last weekend was high school graduation for my nephew Michael. The 1st is my parent’s anniversary, the 8th is my father’s birthday, the 21st is father’s day, and the 22nd is my sister’s birthday. Closely following, July 1st is my mothers birthday and July 5th is Michael’s birthday. I am lucky to have my family and to be so close to them.

My youngest niece, Kristiana, started cheerleading and gymnastics this past week. Wednesday afternoon my sister called to ask if I wanted to go watch her first gymnastics practice. Seriously, how could I pass up the opportunity? Kris is five years old with a small build and seemed to pickup the techniques easily. It will be fun to watch her progression.

My parents have taken on the responsibility of watching the girls, Alexis and Kris, for the summer. I believe this is helping my mom. She gets up and has things to do. It keeps her busy. For now, her health is good. Alexis of thirteen, plays well with the neighborhood kids and Kris keeps busy by bossing my father and grandfather around.

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