Monday, June 29, 2009

New Challenges

Upon returning from my twelve day adventure, I have found my life to be somewhat mundane and lacking challenge. To add some spice to my world, I have decided to try new things and force myself to break old habits.

For those who do not know me well, I am organized, timely, neat, and tidy. Both at home and at my desk at work, every thing is in order and has a place. One day I woke up and decided not to make my bed. It was a good feeling. The sheets were messy and the pillows not fluffed but ya know, I was going to lie in the bed that night and the sheets were going to mess up again. A month later, I have progress to only making the bed sometimes and once in while just straitening the sheets only to make sure Roxy did not leave me any bugs.

Something else I have tried to do is to not wear a watch. My watch is a kinetic watch and stops when I am not wearing it. Since I commute to work, I do not wear my watch as often and when I do wear the watch it usually has the wrong day and time on it. I have found that the time on my computer, cell phone, or blackberry will tell me what I need to know.

When being called to jury duty, I had mixed feelings. My first thought was that I would break my routine and give me a new challenge to hurdle along with break up the boring going on in my life. The day started an hour later than usual. Because I did not want to deal with traffic and parking, my parents drove me downtown. I felt like a kid going to school for the first day. For lunch, I sat by myself and read a magazine. With an hour to spare, I read in front of the cathedral while listening to a jazz band. It was nice to break up my day.

Staying quite as the lawyers asked their questions, I was surprised but not shocked when my name was called to be on the panel. I will be in court all week. (That is fun to say.) This week I will not commute and may not get all my bike miles in. Today, I am okay with that. Rain is in the forecast. Hopefully, the days will not be so hot. I feel so important and I am breaking my habits. Change has started in my life.

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  1. Hey Barbie...Beautiful, simply beautiful. I'm sitting in my rehab hospital room and feeling just a tad discouraged...And I started reading blogs. Your reflections echo so much of what I felt and thought on the ride...You have given me a needed reminder of what life is all about. And when I can toss the crutches I'm back on the bike tooting at truckers. Thanks and keep the wind at your back....Bob