Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dancing Shoes

It’s finally Friday arrived and I turned my biking cleats in for my dancing shoes. Dancing always means drinking. Drinking means staying up too late to go bike riding the next day. It’s just as well and so worth the fun.

First Friday was unusually crowded with the early round of the Pub Runners then the later crowd of dancers. Last night, it was too crowded to dance. But we still did, nothing an elbow or heal can’t fix to get people to give you more dancing room. The band, Tropicante, let me have the little piece of the corner stage to dance on. It even gave me a closer view to enjoy watching them play their instruments.

After the second set, we were walking out when one of the band members asked us if we wanted to see his car. Under the hood that is. His supped up mustang with over 500 horse powers was a nice site. Before our good byes, he gave us each a CD from previous night’s performances. How cool is that? Now I can enjoy salsa music all week long in my car or at my desk at work. Love it!

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