Thursday, June 25, 2009

Riding In The Rain

There is something about commuting to work that makes me excited about going to work. Today I rode on to campus, grinning from ear to ear thinking, “This is why I love coming to work”. Sure, I wake up at 5AM and go to bed early to aid in my recovery, but the 20 miles two to three times a week add up. I have said this before, but its worth repeating. I really love riding my bike.

The ride home brought double pleasure. I was able to play in the rain AND ride my bike. What could be better? The rain was alligator drops not just a few sprinkles. Two days of riding in the rain, on my trip, brought me confidence so when Brian asked if I wanted to pull over to let the rain pass, I said, “Heck no! What are you crazy? Let’s keep going.” It was only about 3 miles of rain but so welcomed. The rain and cloud cover gave us some relief from the usual 100 degree temperatures. Once we hit 1604 we had a nice tail wind that helped carry us over the small hills and safely home.

For some reason, I failed to tighten my bike rack and it was shaking a little too much for the drive home. I stopped into my parent’s house, to borrow my father’s socket, only to be greeted with hugs and kisses from my nieces. They never care how stinky or sweaty I am.

My mother informed me that her MLD rating has improved from a 13% to a 17%. This means that her health is improving and it pushes her further down the transplant list. This is good news. Sort of. We still have to wait, unfortunately, until she gets sicker. I wish we did not have this cloud handing around. We all just want her back to full health and soon. Recently I read that there is something like 16,000 people on the liver transplant list. There is still a long way to go.

The friends that I rode with from El Segundo to Albuquerque are now in Massachusetts. They are 18 miles from Boston. WOW! Way to go! Tomorrow, they will do the final miles to the beach and will have completed 3,400 miles across America! I am so proud of their accomplishment and happy to know each of those people that I have ridden with.

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  1. Good for you on continuing your commute in the rain! I've always done the same - I just modify my riding a little by slowing down, allowing for longer stopping distances, etc.

    The cloud cover and reduced temps are worth it!