Thursday, June 17, 2010


It is a reunion of sorts. It is like seeing a friend that I have not seen in awhile. Though it has only been a week, I missed seeing my bike and riding.

As I drove to the shop, I started crying with excitement. It was an overwhelming feeling to realize the magnitude of what I have just accomplished and I am jumping out of my skin to get on the road again. My bike has some mud on the frame, from the last ride, that I was too lazy to wash off. It seems so bare without a flag waving in the back.

Luckily, Jason from the shop is able to order the rubber part of my sunglasses that I lost 3 days before I left. Shoes are good but stinky. Nothing is falling apart so I guess I will keep them and store them in the garage when I am not wearing them.

The first few days back were rough but I am slowly feeling back to my old self, just more laid back. My legs want to get some good dancin’ in followed by a 70 mile ride with my faithful ride partner. Because of Father's Day, it may end up being a 40 or 50 miler.

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