Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 18: 74 miles to Quincy, IL

Today marks 2000 miles and the seventh State Line Crossing along with riding a bridge over the mighty Mississippi River.

Distance: 75.53
Total elevation: 2040
Calories: 4039
Average speed: 14.2
Time on bike: 5:18

The television almost never has anything worth watching. I started listening to the radio to get the music back in my life. Last night, I went to bed with thunderstorms and tornado watches. The radio test signal came on every 30 minutes or so.

This morning I asked The Big Guy Upstairs to dry the road and cool the wind. While He was at it, He turned the fan slightly at my back. I’m telling you, He always gives me what I need. It may not always be what I ask but He gives me what I need. At times, it could be someone to converse with or something that makes me smile. Today, it was a serenade.

The morning was cool. It was so peaceful watching a mare nurse her colt as I rode out of town. I have to pinch myself to make sure this is really happening. I am awe struck contemplating the miles I have accumulated.

It has not always been easy and not always pretty. This morning was the first time that I did NOT wake up before my alarm. It’s so easy to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. We choose to eat our way across America and bike in between.


  1. Who was brave enough to stand on the bridge and take that picture of you under the Illinois sign?

  2. Paula. She is the new staffer and XC08. We took pic of each other since she missed this sign on her tour. It was not that bad.