Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 16: 86 miles to Chillicothe, MO

Distance: 86.54
Total elevation: 3800
Calories: 4227
Average speed: 12
Time on bike: 7:11

Usually, a special SAG Stop at Maysville Historical Society is prepared for the CrossRoad group, however, the days were mixed up and the town did not greet us today.

The further I ride the more I feel like a rock star. While stopped at a stop light, two cowboys in a pickup truck asked if I was REALLY going to Boston. Their yaws dropped when I answered.

Maybe it was the look of desperation in my face but a nice man at the corner store bought my chocolate milk and ham sandwich. My legs were shaking and I thought that I might fall over. I started to cry at the counter. He made my day.

It was hot, hilly, and hard. 10 miles from the hotel I was looking for the SAG. He finally showed up 2 miles from the hotel and by then, I had to ride in.

Rest and recovery are key. Until tomorrow...


  1. That's too bad about Maysville. Having the town turn out for our ride was a highlight of our trip last year. Barbie, carry some of the Gu envelopes, the ones with caffeine; they can be life savers when the going gets tough. BTW, the Missouri Rollers are more aptly named Misery Rollers. xxo

  2. "Happy are those who dream dreams"...just about sums up the spirit of the XC ride. Glad you made it today but am really sorry you missed the Maysville Jim says it was one of the best memories from last year. Hang in there and grab some of that Gu....

  3. Barbie,

    You might want to get one of those Starbucks energy drinks at one of the stores along the route. We drank those for the last few weeks and we found it really worked.