Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 17: 76 miles to Kirksville, MO

148 “Roller Coaster” hills in the rain. I didn’t think I could stand the wet roads but I did- and I made it through. The cloudy skies made the temps cooler and made the ride more bearable. According to a bike thermostat, it was 107 degrees yesterday and 83 today.

Distance: 75
Total elevation: 3838
Calories: 3794
Average speed: 10.5
Time on bike: 7:06

Today marks a first…

After getting on my bike after the first stop, there it was.

My first flat.

The monkey is off my back and I am happier now that I can blog about it. It’s a relief to not have to worry about it. It was not that bad. Pat was there to help find the glass and help with the back tire gears and breaks.

Here is Missouri, there is not much to see but green fields that go on for miles. There are cute farm houses but no cattle. There are just hills. Lots of them. Up and down. Down and up.


  1. We had a day last year with rain in those hills of Missouri - takes all the fun out of cruising on the "downs". And I know it is no consolation but I just changed my first flat since Indiana. As they say, "stuff happens" - glad you had Pat there to help.

  2. Looking back at last year, the Missouri Rollers was one of my favorite days. Yesterday's high temperature and humidity couldn't have been much fun; I'm glad it was cooler today for the riders. We don't talk about the f-word (fl*t) even after having one. ;-)

  3. Bob types faster than I do! He beat me by two minutes.

  4. There is something about XC riders. Ya'll are the best!

  5. Jim...I've been practicing - knew I wasn't going to catch you on the bike!

  6. That's why we call it the "Thousand Hills" region of the state! Hope you had a good visit in my end of the world.